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Zinc is responsible for Multiple aspects of the immune system, from Skin to gene regulation within lymphocytes. Zinc is very much necessary for normal cell development and functions. Responsible for nonspecific immunity.

The importance of zinc for humans was recognized 40 years ago Severe immune dysfunctions were observed in Zinc-deficient patients.


The immune system is very much Zinc dependent and is essential for normal functions and the development of cells mediating innate immunity. zinc deficiency affects Macrophages. Phagocytosis, intracellular killing, and cytokine production. Zinc deficiency adversely affects the growth and function of T and B cells. The ability of zinc to function as an anti-oxidant and stabilize membranes suggests that it has a role in the prevention of free radical-induced injury during inflammatory processes.

Various physiological activities in the body such as cell growth, cell differentiation, and development are dependent on Zinc. Zinc plays a vital role in the Catalytic activity of various enzymes in plants and animals. Zinc plays important role in boosting the immune system. Zinc deficiency affects human health and is responsible for many diseases such as hypogonadism, cognitive impairment, poor immune system, diarrhea, delayed wound healing, oligospermia, neurosensory disorders, and decreased body mass. T helper cells are mainly Zinc dependent.

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