Your immune system defends your health by fighting against disease-causing microorganisms. But there are times when it fails to perform its duty. A harmful germ attacks your body and makes you sick. Hence it is very important to increase your immunity. The following are some easy steps to get immunity.

1. Eat a balanced diet which should contain more vegetables and fruits than carbohydrate products. It should also contain dairy products, pulses and beans.
2. Drink the recommended amount of water needed for your age and weight.
3. Get enough sleep for, at least, 8 hours a day.
4. Do some regular exercise and walking to maintain weight for your age and height.
5. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Other than these above steps, depending upon the current scenario of Covid-19 pandemic, there are a few more essential steps to be taken by every individual to lead a safe and healthy life.
* Wash your hands at regular intervals to avoid infection.
* Always use facemask and gloves while travelling.
* Get vaccinated.
* Take health supplements containing multivitamins, zinc and other minerals to boost your immunity.

Build Immunity And Enhance Oxygen Production In Your Body

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