Our story began in 1938, when our founder Mr.M.A.Fernandez, started Indo French Pharmaceuticals through its then associate Fournier Laboratories, Dijon, France. Indo French Pharmaceuticals was subsequently led by his better half Mrs.JMR Fernandez.

Over the period of time, Indo French Pharmaceuticals eventually acquired its own expertise in manufacturing and set up its own manufacturing facility in 1950.

The company then went further ahead in establishing Indo French Laboratories Private Limited, in 1962 and since then Mr.Salvador Fernandez was at the helm of IFL as M.D.,

We constantly reinvented ourselves and transformed and grew to meet the evolving needs of society. IFL was registered as a Public Limited Company in the year 1995 becoming IndoFrench Laboratories Limited.

Since 2017 Mrs.Ianthy Fernandez D/o Mr.Salvador took over the reigns of IFL and running the organization efficiently, and now IFL has entered Ecommerce marketing, in addition to Ethical marketing.

Mrs JMR Fernandez
Since 1938

Mr.Salvador Fernandez
Since 1962

Ianthy Fernandez 
Since 2017

Our manufacturing unit spans an area of 11000 square feet, with a production capacity of over 10 Crore Coated Tablets, 6 Crore Uncoated Tablets, 3 Crore Capsules, 3.6 Lac Litre liquids, and 200,000 packs of sachet (granules)

Our market reach spans across the length and breadth of India and certain overseas markets as well. Our flagship product Rejucalcium continues to be among the top brands in certain overseas markets.

IFL has formulated and are being marketed online to (BOOST IMMUNITY) BILDIM  tablets & Liquid and to clear ( LUNGS for better OXYGEN) MULTIMIX  syrup which are very useful in this pandemic situation.


Our mission over the past 80 years has been and will continue to be to provide AFFORDABLE, QUALITY HEALTHCARE for the societies in which we operate. With the right combination of technology, best materials, people, and processes to strive to make healthcare affordable to all.


Towards a healthier society.


In line with our mission to serve the society, we are embarking on plans to expand our service through segments of the healthcare industry including medical devices and associated products.


We focus primarily on gynecology and pediatric areas. Our product mix includes nutraceuticals, herbal liquids, tablets, and capsules. Rejucalcium, Rejucalcium FH (RjFh), Multimix liquid, Aletritone capsules and liquids, Bronmix, and B-Fact are some of our flagship products.

As always we continue to cater to the evolving needs of society through new product launches, the most recent being IF-Cal gummies, IF-Cal tablets, and Bildim syrup.
We have recently launched a new division under the name of SAHANA REMEDIES, with a focus on women’s health and infertility-related issues. Some of our new launches in this segment are HanovaMyo, Hanova Neo, Lapreg, Revahe caps, Revahe CC to name a few.

Brand IndoFrench continues to be associated with Quality and Trust among many of the reputed Institutions and Hospitals for more than eight decades.

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