Immune system

Immune System  –  Facts   

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Immune system is Body’s defence mechanism which fights against invading pathogens.

Blood & Lymph

Five liters of blood and lymph forms the complex immune system. The clear and colorless liquid Lymph that passes through all tissues of the body.

White blood cellstwo varieties ie.  Phagocytes  & Lymphocytes.

.   Some organisms as a form of self  protection produces Toxins and the same is counteracted by   phagocytes.  When the  pathogens are absorbed by phagocytes it sends out a chemical that helps lymphocytes identify what kind of pathogen it is.

Specific antigen produced by the invading pathogen is counteracted by the corresponding antibodies produced by Lymphocytes.

The following are the three types of Lympocytes :Immune system

B cellsThe bacteria, viruses, and toxins that enter the body are attacked and inactivated by the antibodies produced by B cells.

T cells  kill cells act against cancerous cells.

 Natural killer cells  make a special enzyme, or chemical, that kills the pathogens, instead of producing antibodies

New antibodies are created whenever the body is  attacked by a new antigen. If the same antigen attacks the body second time body can quickly destroys with the help of  corresponding antibody already created previously created.

25000 white blood cells are estimated to be present in a single drop of blood fight against pathogens.

Fever and inflammation are good signs

White blood cells released during Fever, increases metabolism, and stops certain organisms from multiplying.

The histamines released by damaged cells cause the cell walls to dilate, creates   redness, heat, pain, and swelling of inflammation.

sun is good

By exposure to sun  body naturally produces vitamin D.  An array of bad things like depression, heart disease, and certain cancers are warded off.

Only 10 minutes on a sunny day needed A fair-skinned person only to get all the vitamin D they need.                                                       The sun’s rays are strongest, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when we have to stay in shade.

Gut Flora keep the body healthy

Good bacteria Present in the gut known as Intestinal Flora helps the body digest your food and to protect the body against the invading pathogens.

Human beings have been around for so long because Immune system can adapt.  When a foreign substance, comes back and  attacks the body remembers and the  body knows what to do. One infection is usually enough to protect you for life as it happens with measles.

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To help your immune system work well to protect you every day do the following:

  • Good night’s sleep .
  • Maintain good hygiene.
  • Consume balanced and nutritious food.
  • Keep laughing always.
  • Be without stress.