Rejucalcium Fh 3x10 Tabs 339.00 239.00
Aletritone liquid 2x200 ml 398.00 296.00
  • Tonic For growing children
  • For stronger Bones and Teeth
  • For proper functioning of Brain and Nervous system
  • For Maintaining Hemoglobin level of the blood

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Very ideal TONIC for growing children since Rejucalcium contains l.LYSINE mono hcl an essential Aminoacid that facilitates Cells multiplication.
Proper and stronger Bones and Teeth formation happens in childhood when adequate CALCIUM and Vit D3 is given during childhood (growing age)
Vit B 12 is essential for Hemoglobin in the blood and also acts as a Tonic to the Brain and Nervous system.

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Dimensions 11.6 × 5.8 × 14.5 cm
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